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Improving the knowledge of English

Improving the knowledge of English

There are various ways in which one can improve his/ her knowing the English language. The great variety of methods is offered to everyone. But is there a great possibility to follow all of them or are there any others ways that will help to improve the knowing of desirable language to study? 
Things you can do every day to improve your English
Every day we spend our time as usual. We get up, have our breakfast, brush our teeth, etc. During all of these things we have a great opportunity to listen to the music on the radio, to watch for a while some news on TV or to read some book that is worth our attention on our way to the institution or work. Listening to our used radio station on our own language we should change it to English radio station with our favorite music. Listening to the news on TV about situations happen throughout the world, we should switch on the English Channel and watch the news in the foreign language.  Though, we will have a great opportunity to do used things that we used to do every day spending a little time per day listening to the news, favorite music and just simply enjoying involving foreign language we wish to know.
How to study to understand the real English language
Some may doubt according to the fact there a little time spending to learning the language. For the first time, it brings some inconveniences. Different accent that we not used to listen to, the slang of the native speakers, their words’ pronunciation will cause misunderstanding everything. But imagine that you live in this country among the foreigners without listening your own language. Day after day, the improvements in understanding the language will bring slight results. Watching foreign news will provide you a great opportunity in reminding the spelling of the words, their pronunciation and voice’s intonation. After some period of time, you will see that understanding the language is not so complicated as it can be. Watching favorite films in English in the evenings will help you to relax after all day full of work in the same\ time improving the foreign language’s knowledge. Each of us has a lot of interests and hobbies. Reading favorite books in English will fulfil your vocabulary. Beginning to read the newspapers and magazines in English language will help you easier to get used to their ideas and thoughts.
Starting from the little will bring you high results in the future. Believing in yourself the others will believe in you. Applying all the forces will help you to achieve main aims and goals in your life.